• MerielCorporate

    I’ve achieved more in 6 weeks with Marq than I did in a year with a personal trainer in a hard-core gym - I think it’s a case of working smarter not harder.  Most of the exercises seem simple and he uses very little equipment, but you get a real workout and the difference to your body shape is radical, I’ve dropped a dress size already.  Marq is meticulous and he measures everything, so month on month you have real data and you can track your results and progress.  The real key for me is the level of encouragement you get, this is not bootcamp where the instructor barks orders and blows a whistle – Marq explains each movement over and over, he counts your reps and sets with you, he has endless patience and he is just a genuinely nice guy - you keep wanting to go back for more.


  • NicBusiness Owner

    My personal training sessions have yielded great results in regards to my health and overall fitness. With my busy schedule, my trainer has been able to accommodate me to the fullest at the times and locations that best suited me. I am very satisfied with the service and constantly refined workouts.

  • LiezlCorporate

    " In addition to being very knowledgeable in his field, Marq quickly identified my strengths and weaknesses, understood my goals and has continually provided advice & guidance in my weight loss journey.  He uses a holistic approach, incorporating flexibility, strength, posture, balance, endurance along with promoting a healthy eating regime. He is encouraging & constantly motivates me during our work outs.  Most importantly, he ensures that I am doing the moves correctly and reinforces how it will benefit me. He keeps a record of my progress and this helps me get through any plateaus I hit.  The results have been significant. I am leaner, more toned and far fitter than before.  I would definitely recommend making use of the services that Training Utilities offer to my colleagues, friends & family and will continue to do so in the future. "

  • HenrietteWorking Mom

    " I approached Training Utilities, because I was not satisfied with the way I looked. After my son was born, and being a single mom, it was hard for me to find the time to go out to a gym after a long day of hard work. Once I started buying bigger size clothing, I realized that I had to make a plan fast! Training Utilities helped me get back into shape. Not only was I losing those unwanted cm’s, but  Marq also helped me get stronger again, increasing my daily energy levels and left me feeling great, while also feeling & looking better in clothes that I haven’t worn for quite some time! Now I am back to buying smaller sizes again! One thing I really liked was the convenience of it all – Marq came out to my house on training days, so I didn’t have to drive to a local gym, wait for machines, drive back and then only pick my Son up from daycare. After work, I picked up my son, went home, made him comfy and then Marq came. So it was all in the comfort of my own home! I even didn’t have to buy any equipment – he had it all! I found the experience awesome. Not only was it in the convenience of my own house, but it was also personal. The motivation I got from Marq gave me more strength than I thought I had in me. He pushed me to levels I didn’t know I could reach, and motivated me when I was feeling down. He gave me tips on healthy eating, insight to why a certain muscle was “sore” and cheered with me when I lost some cm’s! I would definitely recommend Training Utilities to anyone who doesn’t have the time for gym, experiences lack of motivation or shortages on fitness knowledge, or has a family at home and needs personal training from the comfort of their own homes. To anyone who wants to lose those unwanted cm’s and not only look great, but feel great as well, go for Training Utilities! "

  • Dianne/SkyeAthlete

    " The results our 15 year old daughter (a field athlete & hockey goalie) has achieved since training with Marq, have far exceeded our highest expectations. The individualized program, constant positive feedback and setting/achieving weight, muscle strength & flexibility goals, has been life altering. Sessions are fun, creative, informed & smart and consistently pushing her beyond her perceived limits. The nutritional advice has been a game changer! In past 3 months, her running distances has doubled, and she has broken several athletics field records, while energy levels increased – Without pain. I feel the standards that Marq set, should be standards that other trainers be measured upon. "

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